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Rules for dangrading SKIEF


Dangrading rules and recommendations for SKIEF.

1. Examination license for dan grading issued by SOKE (GHQ)

2. Each country must make individual agreement with SOKE (GHQ)


General “layout” from GHQ accepted and is posted on website.

4. Dan grade registrations must be sent to GHQ, Tokyo

5. Grading stamps (issued by GHQ Tokyo) must be put in national SKIF license from 9 kyu and


6. Fee for dan grading examination license must be payed equally for all countries. This is under

GHQ administration.

7. When it comes to minimum age for a particular dan grade and active training time in between dan grades, it is a national matter. However it should not be less than suggested by GHQ.

4 dan 25 years old

5 dan 31 years old

6 dan 38 years old

7 dan 46 years old

1. Kyu to 1. Dan 6 months

1. Dan to 2. Dan 1 year

2. Dan to 3. Dan 3 years

3. Dan to 4. Dan 4 years

4. Dan to 5. Dan 5 years

5. Dan to 6. Dan 6 years

6. Dan to 7. Dan 7 years

Examination programs are also a national matter, but standard programs as written in SOKE´s

books are recommended.

see this link

If a karate ka is visiting a foreign country and wants to take dan grade examination he/she must

have a letter of recommendation from respective national SKIF organization to present to